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I entered Zimbabwe from Zambia and exited to South Africa, as follows:

  • 2 June: From Zambia through the Livingstone / Victoria Falls Border Posts, and
  • 15 June: To South Africa through the Beit Bridge Border Posts

I presented the carnet, which was duly accepted and correctly filled out and stamped, at both the entry and exit posts with just a few tiny pointers from me on entry only.

Mandatory Third Party Insurance, at ZMW 163-70, was available from several vendors / companies at the Mwami border post.

The following fees were levied directly by Customs on entry:

  • Carbon Tax at USD 10-00
  • Road Access Fund at USD 1-00
  • 3rd Party Insurance at USD 20-00

A single USD 4-00 Bridge Toll was charged on exit at Beit Bridge.

PS. Mwendo is insured with OutSurance in South Africa. Comprehensive cover, i.e. including 3rd Party, extends to several countries in the region, including Zimbabwe. I had obtained a letter, via e-mail, from OutSurance to this effect prior to my departure and, given my experience in Mozambique and Malawi, I arrived in Zimbabwe with a printed copy of said letter. Imagine my surpriseh, and dismay, when I was informed that it is not acceptable as the Zimbabwean Government has no way of recovering money from a foreign company in the event of a claim. No amount of (il)logic, (un)reason or argument would sway the official, so cough I did, once again.