Republic of Zambia

Internet Domain .zm
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Regional / Affiliation

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Capital City Lusaka
Language(s) English
Currency Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)
  1. Mandatory Vaccination
  2. Recommended Vaccination
  3. Endemic
Visa Requirement(s) Zambia Immigration
Land Border(s)

TIP: Carnet de Passage accepted

Carbon Tax: ZMW 70

3rd Party Insurance: Mandatory (ZMW 164)

Municipal Tax: ZMW 20

  • Angola
  • Botswana
    • Kazangula
  • DRC
  • Malawi
    • Mwami
  • Namibia
  • Zimbabwe
Public Holiday(s)  


I entered Zambia from Malawi and exited to Zimbabwe, as follows:

  • 23 May: From Malawi through the Mchinji / Mwami Border Posts, and
  • 2 June: To Zimbabwe through the Livingstone / Victoria Falls Border Posts

I presented the carnet, which was duly accepted and correctly filled out and stamped, at both the entry and exit posts without any input from me.

Mandatory Third Party Insurance, at ZMW 163-70, was available from several vendors / companies at the Mwami border post.

The following additional fees were levied on entry:

  • Carbon Tax at ZMW 70-00 
  • Municipal Levy at ZMW 20-00

There was an attempt to extract the ZMW 20-00 Municipal Levy on exit at Livingstone as well. It was waived when I offered a USD 10 note to cover the USD 3 "equivalent", having converted all my remaining ZMW just minutes earlier.

PS. Mwendo is insured with OutSurance in South Africa. Comprehensive cover, i.e. including 3rd Party, extends to several countries in the region, but not to Zambia. I had tried to get Comesa cover, for both Zambia and Zimbabwe, in Lilongwe, Malawi,  but was told that it may only be issued for vehicles registered in Malawi.