Republic of Mozambique

Internet Domain .mz
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Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Capital City Maputo
Language(s) Portuguese
Currency Mozambique Metical (MZN)
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I entered Mozambique from Swaziland and exited to Malawi, as follows:

  • 11 April: From Swaziland through the Mhlumeni / Goba Border Posts, and.
  • 29 April: To Malawi through the Mandimba / Chiponde Border Posts

Mozambique offers a zero-fee TIP. I presented the carnet, which was accepted and correctly filled out and stamped, after a lot of explanation, at the Goba post. The officials insisted, however, that I complete the official TIP form myself, despite all the requisite information being available on the portion of the carnet page which they retain. I had to repeat the carnet explanation at the Mandimba post to get it completed and stamped on exit.

Mandatory Third Party Insurance, at ZAR 140-00, is available from several vendors / companies at the border post. No other fees were levied.

I had to present both the TIP and Insurance several times, on demand, during my time in the country.

PS. Mwendo is insured with OutSurance in South Africa. Comprehensive cover, i.e. including 3rd Party, extends to several countries in the region, including Mozambique. I had obtained a letter, via e-mail, from OutSurance to this effect prior to my departure but did NOT have a printed copy when I reached the border, so I had to fork out the ZAR 140.