Dispatches from the front #2

Submitted by Cecil Hill on Wed, 2017/03/29 - 17:51

So Day 5 was a rest day which passed all too quickly. Not because I was tired but because there were so many things I wanted to do but simply didn't get round to doing - things like getting a proper trip log going, for instance.

Our route to date:

Day 5 - Rest Day in Addo.(14.5km)

Day 6 - Addo to Cintsa West.(312km)

Day 7 - Cintsa West, Kei Mouth / Ferry, Centani, Willowvale, Hole in The Wall, Coffee Bay to Mdumbi. (330km)

Day 8 - Mdumbi to Mtentu.(262km)

Day 9 - Mtentu, Kokstad to Underberg. (268km)

We are spending tonight (Day 9) in Underberg, a rather grand deviation from the original intention to spend a few days in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg using Rhodes as a base.

Hugh popped a front shock oil seal yesterday en-route to Mtentu. We were going to pass through Kokstad on the way to Rhodes anyway, so we thought we'd be able to sort it out there. This was not to be as we could not find any service centre or bike shop willing to tackle the fix. So we called a Wild Dog, from the Dogs' Roadside Assistance Database, who suggested we might get help from the Yamaha shop in Underberg, et voila, here we are in Underberg.Yamaha, unfortunately, are also not able to help, so tomorrow we'll make our way slowly down towards Pinetown where the local Motorrad shop will attend to the problem on Friday.

  • - Cintsa West : -32.8478058 28.1129994
  • - Mdumbi : -31.940362 29.214253
  • - Mtentu : -31.2454157 30.0461942
  • - Underberg : -29.7928766 29.4918178