Dispatches from the front #1

Submitted by Cecil Hill on Sat, 2017/03/25 - 11:47


Time, the ultimate currency!

The 21st of March 2017 arrived, finally and, as usual, without fanfare, simultaneously signalling the end of one countdown and the start of another. This latter countdown now stands at 4 days and some change. 

After 4 days of really great riding, Hugh and I have arrived safely at the Orange Elephant Backpackers just outside Addo in the Eastern Cape, where we are spending today as a rest day (except that Hugh has run off to visit friends in PE).

Our route to date:

Day 1 - Cape of Good Hope to Struisbaai / Cape Agulhas all along the False Bay coast and beyond.(322km)

Day 2 - Struisbaai, De Hoop, Bredasdorp, Malagas, Vermaaklikheid, Still Bay and Mossel Bay to Oudtshoorn.(396km)

Day 3 - Oudtshoorn, George, Knysna, De Vlugt and Uniondale to Willowmore. (338km)

Day 4 - Willowmore through the Baviaanskloof, Patensie, Hankey and Uitenhage to Addo.(318km)

  • - Struisbaai : -34.806782 20.0469
  • - Oudtshoorn : -33.6007225 22.2026347
  • - Willowmore : -33.287665 23.4895156
  • - Patensie : -33.755182 24.8122367
  • - Uitenhage : -33.768717 25.4141193
  • - Addo : -33.5267165 25.7116584
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    Submitted by Charles Oertel on Sat, 2017/03/25 - 12:32


    Must have been fun going up the passes in Baviaans with that heavily laden bike...

    Submitted by andyman on Mon, 2017/03/27 - 07:37


    More photos please, Hugh, teach this Comunicaiotns Whizz kid how to use photo technology.
    Well by now you should be finding your routine and just how well your luggage is secured to your steed.
    Still surprised you never fitted a number-plate box for your tyre repair gear and a Twalcom box on your right inner pannier rig for your recovery gear.
    You can now reach for the gear you need and not require much unpacking or sorting.
    You will notice these places will change as the terrain changes and the resources available change.
    Enjoy the adventure.

    Submitted by Capo-Joe on Sat, 2017/04/01 - 12:41


    Boet it's always good meeting someone who will be doing the same roads i did in 2014 up West Coast of Africa to Morocco.
    As I said today, please feel free to ask for any information you might need, I'm here to help.

    Hi Johann,

    Thanks for the warm welcome in Pinetown.

    I will definitely "lean on you" down the line.