So Where Are All The Photos Anyhow?


I thought I would make up a story to explain the dearth of photos on this site but then I had second thoughts when I realised how easily fake news is created & propagated these days.

So I am not telling you:
"Ever since Hugh & I split up on the 7th of April, I have been holed up in St Lucia, too scared to go anywhere on my own. I'm confessing now, because:

  • St Lucia can only be so much fun after 1 month
  • It's getting harder and harder to imagine the route(s) I have taken to keep up the charade"

The truth, as always, is so much simpler.

It involves network access, which is easier said than acquired, and data bandwidth which is "so skaars soos hoendertande!" as the Afrikaans expression goes. 

I bought a SIM card and 5GB of data, valid until 12 May, in Maputo with the understanding that I could roam and use it in Malawi as well. As we speak, I still have 3.728GB of that data available - not for lack of trying to use it!

Wi-fi access at stop-overs are no better. The better establishments offer free but limited access periods, typically 5pm through 6am daily. Others offer 1 hour in the morning and another hour in the late afternoon. Still others, the large majority, sell data bandwidth to their "guests".

Regardless of the wi-fi model, all of these establishments remain subject to the same network access and bandwith limitations.

A single (4MB) photo upload can take anything from 2 minutes to forever!!!

I will keep on trying to post photos at every opportunity. Please bear in mind that I would rather be out experiencing my current location than battling with poor networks, so "every opportunity" should be seen in this context.