What's all this Aforika stuff anyhow?


Africa has given the world humanity - and that is no small thing.
~ Prof. Philip Tobias (Cradle of Humankind, Maropeng, SA)


The person who has not travelled widely thinks his or her mother is the only cook.
~ African (Akamba, Bemba, Ganda, Gikuyu, Haya, Igbo, Yoruba) Proverb


as experienced by an African, a South African to be precise, on a round-trip, motorcycle tour of the continent.


Map of Trans-African Highways


The name is derived from Aforika Borwa, the seTswana name for South Africa.

seTswana, which is spoken by about 5 million people in Southern Africa (Wikipedia), is one of the eleven official languages of the Republic of South Africa.



Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.
~ Groucho Marx


  1. There is one, and only one, official unit of measure.
  2. The official unit of measure is Time.
  3. Anything and Everything worth measuring shall be expressed in the official unit of measure. Items which cannot be expressed in the official unit of measure are of zero consequence.
    For example, the distance between two points shall be expressed in the time required to traverse said distance.
  4. The smallest unit of measure is a 15-minute (quarter-hour) period. Event durations shall always be rounded up to the next higher integer multiple of 15 minutes. There is no such thing as a 2-minute, or 47-minute event, for example. Such events shall be deemed to be of 15-minute and 1-hour duration, respectively.



  1. There is one, and only one, official source of natural light.
  2. The official source of natural light is the local star in our spot of the multiverse, a.k.a The Sun.
  3. There shall be no riding in the absence of natural light, i.e.
    • The day's ride shall not commence before local sunrise.
    • The day's ride shall come to a halt no later than 2 hours before local sunset, irrespective of particular observances of local time, such as DST etc.
      This time shall be used to find accommodation and/or setup camp.


  1. The tour duration shall be governed fundamentally by the following two resources, viz:
    • Time
    • Money
  2. Time shall be constrained to the period 21 March 2017 to 28 February 2018.
  3. Money shall be constrained to the tour's financial budget, as reflected in the appropriate bank account balance(s) at any instant.
  4. The tour shall start in Cape Town.
  5. The tour shall end, in Cape Town, whenever any single one of the following holds true:
    • Time runs out
    • Money runs out
    • I've had enough of this Aforika business.



  1. There shall be no planned itinerary.
  2. There shall be no planned route1.
  3. There shall be no timeline(s).
  4. There shall be no deadline(s).
  5. The tour shall go wherever it is physically possible to go within the external (beyond-my-control) bounds of access and safety imposed by nature, people and geo-politics, not necessarily in that order.

I have put in the above map because I think it's pretty cool, not because I intend to follow any of the highways.